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FTNFT.US allows commissions to be earned by anyone who can close a trade. Anyone can create an NFT exchange that trades with a specific Fungible token (FT)


As a commission, the exchange gets 5% of the transaction. 4% of this amount will be reserved for the Owner (Relayer) of the exchange and 1% is allocated to system operation costs. All associated fees are paid in the Fungible Token used on the exchange.
  • Total Fee: 5% (Relayer+Ftnft.us)
  • Relayer (You) Fee: 4% (Fixed rate on Beta version)
  • Ftnft.us Fee: 1% (Free for partners)
  • Support chain: Klaytn (KIP17, KIP7)
  • Beta period: Until end of 2022

Create my own NFT exchange

You will receive fee to this wallet from every matched order from your Exchange.
You will get exchange URL via this email address after creation complete.
Enter project homepage URL for more information. this url will be exposed in exchange top menu
Famous KIP7 tokens
  • MARD : 0x79bb4d71f6c168531a259dd6d40a8d5de5a34427
  • NGIT : 0x46db825593ca7c3fdfc9ccb5850ea96c39b79330
  • JOY : 0xec47f42260438666cc88ce6ef770283f2d19d39b
  • BOLT : 0x76b84a27467c9fd642bad414c4fe8ac16381bbe4
  • MKC : 0x119883ee408aa5b9625c5d09a79fa8be9f9f6017
  • WKLAY : 0xe4f05a66ec68b54a58b17c22107b02e0232cc817
  • WEMIX : 0x5096db80b21ef45230c9e423c373f1fc9c0198dd
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Famous KIP17 Nfts
  • SheepFarm in metaland : 0xa9f07b1260BB9EEBcbABA66700b00Fe08B61e1E6
  • Drawshop Kingdom Reverse : 0x253ebdb767f18002a22cbb26176356efeb0bf641
  • SurvivalismG : 0x32dcfff0a986cb299d71de05d16ecde30ab698fa
  • The MetaKongz : 0xf80b4e3090851adc5feda2ad6f79b1172977fae4
  • Doge sound club : 0xe47e90c58f8336a2f24bcd9bcb530e2e02e1e8ae
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